Farberware Single Serve Blender Review

You know what always sound good? Smoothies! Loved grabbing them at the mall, but was too lazy to make them at home…until now! I knew if I was gonna get through this cleanse a blender was a must have.

We had gotten a big one as a wedding gift that I had used here and there for the past 7 years. It was a really nice blender, but was just a pain in the butt to drag the big thing out and put it all together the right way. Then you had to take it all back apart and wash it. Yes I am that lazy. Right before our move to Texas however, a couple of the parts got cracked enough to where I had to leave it behind.

So I was in Walmart one day and passed by the blender section. I hadn’t really planned on buying one that day, but when one caught my eye for $20 I couldn’t resist.


This is the beauty that caught my eye.

It comes with 6 cups and 4 lids, 4 “lip grips” (heehee), 2 blade assemblies and my favorite part: IT’S DISHWASHER SAFE! I love how easy it is to use, and with 6 cups I can make smoothies for days without having to wash parts (other than rinsing the blades).  There’s no button to figure out what you wanna do or anything, you just fill your cup, twist on the bottom part containing the blade, and push it down into the base. The base itself is compact enough leave out on my counter and not be in my way, since I am now using it daily.

My husband uses it like crazy too, and every time my son hears me make one he asks for one too! Anything to get more nutrition into that boy! The Princess of course “don’t like smoothies’, not that she has actually ever tried one.

photo (9)

Look for this and other smoothie recipes in upcoming posts!

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